"Healing is a somatic process. When there are wounds of the psyche they are held in the body, it's not until we can experience those wounds in a very embodied physical way that we then can begin to untangle the injury.” -Tara Brach


                                         EMDR and Trauma Healing

EMDR is an evidence-based practice that works with the nervous system to process and heal the impact of traumatic events. My training is in attachment-focused EMDR, which means that I work with trauma that has occurred in early relationships . This can include abuse and neglect, but can also be extremely helpful for more subtle relational wounds that most of us have experienced at some point in our childhoods with family or peers. These subtle wounds and trauma can have a profound impact on our adult intimate relationships as well as relationships with children. EMDR focuses on building resources and resilience so even while processing difficult material, it will be paced and contained in a way that helps you feel grounded and safe in the process.