Sex Therapy



A satisfying sexual connection can be one of the most meaningful parts of an adult’s life, but many people give up on actualizing their desires due to a variety of challenges. Every human being has a unique sexual expression and each couple, to some degree, has to navigate these differences in order to fully express their desires. 

Throughout a person’s life, sexuality can change through illness, aging, trauma, and parenting. Many couples struggle to accommodate these changes. In addition, relational challenges and difficulties that couples experience may impact their sexual connection. Particularly in busy, urban life, many struggle to relax and reconnect with their partners enough to prioritize and enjoy sexual intimacy. 

Having a skilled guide help you find your way to a satisfying sexual connection can be a big help. Sex therapy helps couples talk with each other about their desires as well as to practice listening to each other without an immediate need to fix it or make it better. A sex therapist is comfortable talking about sex and has additional training or study in some of the common sexual issues that impact couples today, including both physiological and psychological issues. 

Some sexual issues have their roots in emotional or relational wounds that can be repaired through more intimate and empathic communication. Other issues can be more physiological, in which case the therapist helps the couple find new ways of accommodating physical limitations or differences that are present. New research shows that sexual satisfaction has a strong root in our minds. Sex therapy can be a helpful place to learn more about yourself and learn to express yourself to your partner in a way that leads to optimum satisfaction.