Imagine a passionate, sensual, embodied life with deeper intimacy in relationship to yourself and others

Somatic Psychotherapy for Intimate Relationships

rooted in our embodied experience, transforming all aspects of our lives


I am a Somatic Psychotherapist specializing in helping individuals and couples deepen intimacy, passion, authenticity, and self-expression in relationships.

Healing begins when we can contact our present-moment experience with love, compassion, and acceptance, including the painful or uncomfortable parts. A relationship with a supportive ally is a vital part of healing. 

Through a somatic and mindful approach, I will help you develop increased love and compassion for yourself and to bring curiosity to habitual patterns that no longer serve your dreams and goals. Through somatic psychotherapy, you can soften the layers of unhelpful conditioning, while learning and developing new ways of embodying and expressing yourself more fully in all of your relationships, starting with relationship to self. 

  • Through developing increased awareness of your inner life and experience, you will learn to express yourself more fully with others in your life.

  • Through developing acceptance and compassion towards yourself, you will be able to connect with others in your life with more openly and deeply.

  • Through the container of our work together, you can begin to practice relating with another person in a more intimate, vulnerable, and honest way. 


Somatic Therapy  is a holistic approach to healing where the body’s innate wisdom supports, deepens, and guides the therapeutic process. Connecting to your body in psychotherapy can help you feel more grounded, relaxed, and secure. Somatic therapy sessions can include body awareness, mindfulness practice, movement, touch, and breath work. Somatic approaches can deepen the process of psychotherapy. 

Couples Therapy can be a supportive container for intimate partners who would like to improve emotional and sexual intimacy and overall satisfaction in relationship. I work with couples who value and desire deep, passionate relationships, but struggle with fear of vulnerability, intimacy, or full self expression. I support couples in connecting with the voice of their own hearts and sharing with each other from that place. Couples therapy can be helpful throughout many of the life stages of a relationship, whether creating a firm foundation or repairing after a rift. I have experience supporting couples in diverse expressions of relationship including non-monogamous and queer couples 

Yoga Therapy can be integrated into psychotherapy sessions or offered on its own for individuals and groups. Working with a therapist who is also a yoga teacher can offer a supportive and safe way for clients to learn simple tools for managing psychological symptoms in a highly individualized way that is not possible in a community yoga class. For experienced yoga practitioners and students, working with me can provide a place to process and digest the emotions that arise in their yoga practice and to integrate the openings that happen on the mat into their lives and relationships.


EMDR and Trauma Healing Somatic work is a key to transforming the impact of early trauma and memories that remain in the body leading to distressing symptoms. I integrate EMDR, which is an evidence-based practice that works with the nervous system to process and heal the impact of traumatic events. My training is in attachment-focused EMDR, which means that I work with trauma that occurred in early relationships or impacts client's experiences in relationships. EMDR focuses on building resources and resilience so even while processing difficult material, it will be paced and contained in a way that helps you feel more grounded and safe in the process. 


"Enlightenment is intimacy with all things" Jack Kornfield