Imagine a passionate, sensual, embodied life with deep intimacy in relationship to yourself and others.


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Hello and welcome,

I'm Raia Kogan and I am a Somatic Psychotherapist specializing in helping individuals and couples deepen intimacy, passion, authenticity, and self-expression in relationships.

Healing begins when we can contact our present-moment experience with love, compassion, and acceptance, including the painful or uncomfortable parts. A relationship with a supportive ally is a vital part of healing. 

Through a somatic and mindful approach, I will help you develop increased love and compassion for yourself and to bring curiosity to habitual patterns that no longer serve your desires for your life. Through somatic psychotherapy, you can soften the layers of unhelpful conditioning, while learning and developing new ways of embodying and expressing yourself more fully in all of your relationships, starting with your relationship to yourself.

  • Through developing increased awareness of your inner experience and emotions, you will learn to express yourself more fully with others in your life.
  • Through developing acceptance and compassion towards yourself, you will be able to connect with others in your life more openly and deeply. 

  • Through the container of our work together, you can begin to practice relating with another person in a more intimate, vulnerable, and authentic way. 

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"Enlightenment is intimacy with all things" Jack Kornfield